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The FUTURE of Business Leadership belongs to COACHES

“Senior leaders who coach, develop, and hold others accountable for coaching and development are 3X more effective at producing improved business and talent results than those who do not.”

[source: Bersin & Associates]

What makes a leader?

Changing customer demands, increased competition, and a brand new generation of workers is bringing more pressure than ever to create an environment where associates feel empowered to drive ACTION, take RISKS, and COOPERATE and COLLABORATE to accomplish mission critical objectives. These people need more than just a manager, they need a visionary leader… They need a COACH.

Leadership Beyond Limits created a comprehensive, blended learning training program called Coach2Lead to address the needs of organizations who are moving from performance review to performance coaching. This program is designed for leaders and executives who are striving to make an environment of growth and change for their employees. 

With the Coach2Lead training program, you’ll develop the skills to harness the best thinking and focused action of each employee in your organization. Unleash innovation, teamwork, and collaboration through a transformative online learning experience. 

Who will benefit from Coach2Lead?

This training program is designed for individuals and small groups who want to grow as leaders. You will embed the essential leadership skill of coaching into your leadership approach.

The Coach2Lead training program:

  • Creates engagement by focusing on individual strengths and developing their potential.
  • Creates accountability by transferring the ownership and responsibility for problem solving and solutions from the leaders to the employee.
  • Drives results through collaboration and teamwork

Bersin & Associates, a premier research and consulting firm, conducted research that shows senior leaders who coach, develop and hold others accountable for coaching and development are three times more effective at producing improved business and talent results than those who do not. This program is aimed squarely at eliminating this dangerous and costly deficit.

To: Prospective Client

As the Global Managing Director of Accenture Business Services, a team of over 5000 professionals supporting Accenture, a large global consulting, technology and outsourcing company with over 240,000 people in 110 countries, it can be very challenging to create a high performing team of leaders. We are spread across seven countries and only have the opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting every 2-3 years.

We engaged Tom Rausch and his team at Leadership Beyond Limits to work with us to improve our overall team cohesion among our top leadership team, as well as develop a culture of coaching and mentoring in our ABS organization. Our program involved a combination of team exercises, as well as individual coaching sessions.

Even with my Directors coming from many different cultures, including India, Argentina, USA, China and others, they were able to customize a program that everyone was happy and comfortable with. Without exception, everyone who participated in the program saw great benefit in both the team and individual elements of our program. In fact, we are actually expanding the rollout of the program in some locations. We saw a marked increase in our team cohesion, which was critical given our organization was going through major changes.

We set out very specific goals at the onset and I feel all those objectives were exceeded and I would not hesitate to utilize the services of Leadership Beyond Limits again!! They are exceptional! I really appreciate how they were able to adjust our plans as unexpected changes occurred in the business, as well as their ability to understand our business and how this program must support those business outcomes.


Tim Arnold
Global Managing Director

Change Your Thinking. Visit Coach2Lead.biz for more information.

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