The Science of Leadership Development

The science is in. We know how people best grow and develop new skills, behaviors, habits and mindsets.

We also have the technology to deliver leadership development support to any leader that is tailored to their exact developmental needs and change readiness.

All of our services are delivered through customized blended learning solutions that balance high-touch and high-tech.

Our coaching and learning solutions typically include many of the following elements, depending on what best fits each client’s unique situation.

Blended learning solution elements.

  • Expert instructor led training.

  • Shared journal for goal setting, reflection and personalized feedback.

1-1 executive coachingExperiential (action-based) e-learning platform
Champion and sponsor networksLearning, readiness and proficiency assessments
Expert supervised small group practice sessionsGamification and social competition
On-the-job practice challengesBest practice demonstration videos
Peer-Peer coaching, practice, & mentoring groupsMicro-learning, flipped classroom, mobile, and online content delivery
Cohort training groups Social learning communities
Live in-person workshopsLive global webinars

Our solutions are designed to scale easily, even for organizations with leaders spread across the globe.

These blended solutions are designed to engage leaders when, where and how they need support in their growth and development.

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