Why Leaders are Trusted

It can be easy to overlook the power of trust and the simple ways it is established. I was reminded of this by a recent post from Leadership Moments, a newsletter put out by Beth Flynn over at the Ohio State University Leadership Center. I am republishing a portion below. If you would like to [...]

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The Effects of Gender on Leadership Style

In 2010, my colleagues at the Barrett Values Centre drew data from 100 Barrett Values Centre Leadership Values Assessments, a 360-degree leadership development tool, to examine the perceived differences among leaders based on their personal entropy (degree of dysfunction). They recently revisited that data to compare the overall results by gender. They looked at the top values, strengths and areas for [...]

Employee engagement through leadership development

Our global leadership crisis has me thinking about the need to develop the leader inside each and every one of us. Leadership development is often reserved for our "best and brightest", the people that have been identified as "high-potential" performers. This practice and philosophy has surely contributed to the widespread state of inept governance and corporate [...]

Agile Leaders Do Not Resort to False Strength

The world desperately needs a new type of leadership. The time of heroic trailblazing based on sheer strength of will and personal achievement is long past. Yet much of our American success story remains stuck in the "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" thinking. Guy Finley wrote about this recently as a distinction between [...]

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