Why You Must Lead Millennials by Coaching

There are two critical numbers you need to understand if you employ Millennials: Only 29% of employed Millennials are engaged at work. A full 87% of Millennials say professional development or career growth opportunities are very important to them in a job. These two critical findings come from the wide-ranging Gallup 2016 research report: “How Millennials Want [...]

Less Talking, More Listening: Mindful Leadership through Coaching

Being mindful is a complex activity. A mindful existence requires us to be actively and consciously aware of our surroundings, perceptions, feelings, state of mind, physical body and relationships. Mindfulness further requires an understanding and mastery of our ultimate responsibility to choose in each and every moment. When interacting with others, there is a special [...]

Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Luminaries as varied as Sam Walton, Oprah, Lao Tzu and Steve Jobs have sung the praises of following your intuition. Albert Einstein went so far as to say: “The only real, valuable thing is intuition.” Recent scientific research supports the idea that we have more ways of knowing than the logic we associate with our [...]

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Overcoming Career Coaching Challenges

Career conversations are more challenging than the typical coaching conversations managers are asked to have with their employees. There are three inter-related challenges to overcome: Higher stakes Broader issues Mixing coaching with other types of feedback Let’s examine each of these challenges and how to overcome them. Higher Stakes: Employee Engagement and Retention Career coaching [...]

Save Time Coaching: Avoid This Common Mistake

Time and again I see leaders who want to coach get off on the wrong foot. The result is longer time spent coaching only to reach sub-optimal results.  Perhaps you have seen it too, or perhaps you have been guilty of this all-too-common error. It looks like this: An employee brings you a problem they [...]

A Proven Way to Triple Business Results

Every business wants to maximize results. We want employees to take ownership and accountability for their results, and increase both the quality and quantity of their performance. Many factors influence performance, but there is one management skill that stands out above all others in developing and engaging employees at all levels: performance coaching. In fact, [...]

Creating an Ownership and Accountability Mindset in the Workplace

This 12 minute video shares the best practices for creating a culture of ownership and accountability, where employees are fully engaged in their work and focused on delivering results to your stakeholders.    

Evolutionary Road Map for Leaders

How do you make the shift from "ME" to "WE" and establish a shared vision and values within the framework of your team? This video reveals the developmental journey that every leader in every organization must traverse. Having a map of the territory increases the the likelihood you reach the destination you set out for [...]

Nobody Wants to be Managed

Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller said in a talk on “People-Centric Leadership” at Washington University OLIN school of business: “…Nobody can be managed. Nobody wants to be managed, but we have you take management classes, give you management degrees, give you management titles, and therefore you think you are supposed to manage…” We [...]

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Transforming the Dreaded Performance Discussion

It’s that time of year… the time to do performance evaluations. Many managers and associates look forward to these conversations like going to the dentist!  Managers aren't sure what to say, and often fall into the trap of commenting on either the stellar accomplishments, outright disasters or make comments like “you’re doing fine”.   Associates aren't sure what to say [...]

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