Improvisational Leadership Lessons At Conscious Capitalism

Last week I attended the annual gathering of conscious capitalists in Chicago. In two days chocked full of great programming around the principles of higher purpose, stakeholder integration, conscious culture and leadership, the most impactful and memorable for me and many fellow attendees was an evening performance by Second City. The program brought to life many [...]

7 Best Practices to Transform Organizational Culture

Clients often ask for a best practices roadmap to create a culture of innovation, accountability and ownership. While each organizational culture journey is unique, these best practices will help guide you on that journey. #1. Assess your culture. You must know your starting point if you want to take a journey. We recommend an organization-wide [...]

7 Questions, a Drawing and a Prayer for Leaders

I recently had the honor of facilitating a leading edge cafe discussion table at the Barrett Values Centre International Conference. Our table topic was our personal leading edge for level 7 values. If you are not familiar with the Barrett values model, level 7 represents the highest spiritual values of humanity; such things as wisdom, [...]

What Will be Your Legacy?

I just wrote my Mom's eulogy so I have spent the last several days contemplating her legacy. It made me realize the true value of keeping legacy in mind every day- for each decision, each action, each time we interact with one another. It can be easy to lose sight of these truly important things [...]

An Integrative Definition of Leadership

Leadership has many definitions. At Leadership Beyond Limits, we subscribe to the efficacy of transformational leadership as presented by Bass and Avolio (1994). This leadership definition implies that leaders lead followers to levels of higher morals. In addition, transformational leadership implies that the followers are better off with the four I's of: 1. Idealized influence [...]

Can Your Innovators Breathe?

Nurturing the innovators within an organization is key to growth. An article in the December 2008, Harvard Business Review, Finding and Grooming Breakthrough Innovators, by Cohen, Katzenbach and Vlak explores corporate America's inability to identify and utilize people in the workplace with these vital skills. The authors sum up the problem, "Most companies do a [...]

Does Your Leader Inspire You?

Think about your current leader or supervisor. What thoughts or feelings immediately surface for you? Does this person inspire you? Are you excited to spend time with her sharing new ideas and working toward a common vision; or do you dread every interaction? Does she give you energy or suck the life out of you; [...]

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What Engaging Leaders Do

Employee engagement is dependent on leadership style. There are leaders who inspire their teams and bring them to life and there are those who perpetuate presenteeism and disengagement. Recent workplace surveys tell us that one of the most important drivers of employee retention and engagement is a competent and visible senior leadership team that is [...]

The Most Important Thing Your Leadership Team May Be Overlooking

Is employee happiness at the top of your leadership team's agenda? It will be. As the plethora of evidence mounts regarding the benefits of happiness in the workplace, astute companies are taking notice. What do they know that you don't? Read on. Sonja Lyubomirsky, psychologist at the University of California has concluded that there are [...]

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