Seven Levels of Corporate Sustainablility

Over the past ten years the term “sustainability” as used in the corporate world has become synonymous with “the triple bottom line”. This whitepaper takes a deeper look at the subject. Seven Levels Sustainability Download Article Format: PDFPages: 9

New Research on “Selling Green” to Skeptical Audiences

As a follow-up to my May 14 blog post, my friend John Marshall Roberts has published new research with the Shelton Group that  “cracks the code” on the green marketing conundrum: How do you overcome cynicism and skepticism to persuade consumers to buy sustainable products? The research distinguishes three kinds of environmental skeptics and suggests a [...]

Using “Social Proof” to Sell Sustainability

John Roberts is a brilliant communicator and author of the book: "Igniting Inspiration, A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries." His recent blog post gives a practical 6-step process for delivering convincing ‘social proof’ for the urgency of sustainable behavior among a mass of mainstream folks who, as of yet, have very few socially similar role models. [...]

Appreciative Inquiry Empowers Cleveland

I had the privilege of participating in the City of Cleveland's Appreciative Inquiry Summit held August 12-14. The Summit was titled Sustainable Cleveland 2019: Building an Economic Engine to Empower a Green City on a Blue Lake. This title might feel like a stretch, if you noticed that Cleveland was on Forbes Magazine's 2008 list [...]

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