7 Best Practices to Transform Organizational Culture

Clients often ask for a best practices roadmap to create a culture of innovation, accountability and ownership. While each organizational culture journey is unique, these best practices will help guide you on that journey. #1. Assess your culture. You must know your starting point if you want to take a journey. We recommend an organization-wide [...]

Seven Levels of Corporate Sustainablility

Over the past ten years the term “sustainability” as used in the corporate world has become synonymous with “the triple bottom line”. This whitepaper takes a deeper look at the subject. Seven Levels Sustainability Download Article Format: PDFPages: 9

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7 Questions, a Drawing and a Prayer for Leaders

I recently had the honor of facilitating a leading edge cafe discussion table at the Barrett Values Centre International Conference. Our table topic was our personal leading edge for level 7 values. If you are not familiar with the Barrett values model, level 7 represents the highest spiritual values of humanity; such things as wisdom, [...]

What Will be Your Legacy- part 2

After a couple of solid years of regular blogging, my posts have become infrequent due to a personal decision to take care of my sick mother. This was a full-time commitment that took up most of my time for nearly a year. I was able to continue my growth and learning during this time, and [...]

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