Enlightened leaders are learning
that employee fulfillment, environmental stewardship and
social responsibility will be the keys to increased
productivity and creativity in the future. –Richard

Cultural Transformation
Tools are a suite of tools designed by Richard Barrett
of Richard Barrett & Associates, LLC.  The Tools support
the transformation of corporations, non-profits, NGO’s,
government institutions, schools, communities and
nations.   Thousands of organizations in more than 50 countries have used these
tools to better define their current culture and to
shape the culture they desire.  Culture has become a
competitive advantage for those organizations who
understand that the quality of their products and
services are only a part of their success.  Who they are
as an organization and what they stand for is constantly
evaluated by employees and other stakeholders and that
intangible capital becomes a significant factor in the
attractiveness and value of the organization.

The Tools are based on the
application of the Seven Levels on Consciousness, a
model with roots in an expanded version of Abraham
Maslow’s hierarchy. The underlying principle is that
individuals evolve through levels of consciousness and
evolutionary growth can be supported through awareness,
intention and coaching. Since organizations are the sum
total of the individuals that comprise them, they too
evolve. The evolutionary growth of organizations can be
supported through leadership awareness, intention and

A quick and easy survey tool allows organizations to
capture hard data on the soft topic of values and
behaviors. The survey gives leaders baseline data that
defines the current culture as compared to the values of
the employees and their most desired culture. Leaders
now have a tool that provides a measurement of cultural
Organizations that invest in and shape their culture are
proven to outperform their counterparts exponentially.
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