Organizations transform as their people transform.

The future belongs to leaders who coach.

For decades we’ve been approaching team productivity and innovation as a top-down problem: if employees are managed properly then goals will be met.

What if we’ve been doing leadership wrong all along?

Most leaders have the mindset of an expert, a problem solver, a manager, and a “boss.” But studies show senior leaders who coach are 3X more effective at producing improved business and talent results than those who do not.

We don’t need more coached leaders.
We need leaders who coach.

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Transformational change across your entire company

As leaders learn to listen and ask questions to help their people take accountability in solving their own problems, something magical happens—a sustainable and scalable transformation.

Transform from:

Management by command and control
Transactional customer service
Risk aversion

Into a culture of:

Productivity and self-motivation
Trusting customer relationships
Innovative experimentation

Our method takes change and makes it scalable

Our mix-and-match program can be tailored to any organization—and if we don’t have a piece already created that your team needs, we’ll build it.

Here’s how we do it.

1. Understand your current culture

True long-lasting workplace culture transformation starts with listening. Get an in-depth diagnostic on how to move forward in your unique company with one of our scientifically-based assessments.

2. Identify important change levers for your organization

Together we’ll co-design a solution made just for your team’s needs. Whether it’s a long-term program or a one-time interactive workshop, we’re here to support you.

3. Turn your leaders into coaches

Develop the skills to move your company from performance management to performance coaching with experiential learning techniques.

4. Create a movement of change

Easily scale your cultural transformation across your entire team with our unique blend of online courses and in-person workshops.

Tom is an experienced professional dedicated to working with leaders to help bring about cultural transformation. He brilliantly combines his experience as a successful entrepreneur and CEO with new technologies, creativity, and authenticity.”

-Melanie Moeller-Boggs, CEO & Co-Founder at Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Create change with a custom-built program
just for you and your organization.


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