Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.  -J. F. Kennedy

Organizations Transform When Individuals Transform

We support leaders in the growth process of becoming transformational leaders. What are transformational leaders? Let’s start with what they are not. Transactional leaders support change by doing things differently. Organizations have experienced so much change that employees are doing more and more with less and less. And they are not inspired to give their best.

Transformational leaders understand the need to transform themselves to connect with the inner need for change and they then help others to connect with that need as well. Transformational leaders:

  • model doing the right thing for the right reason
  • show genuine caring for the people they work with
  • inspire others, because of their clear sense of purpose
  • intellectually challenge and creatively stimulate others

Developing Transformational Leaders

Leadership Beyond Limits offers a development program designed to guide leaders through self leadership and the personal transformation process. Participants develop a vision of their future ideal self and then gain deep self-awareness. In essence they come to understand who they are and who they are becoming. Areas of exploration include personal values, supporting and limiting beliefs, strengths, resiliency, relationships and life purpose. Participants gain understanding of their tendency toward optimism/pessimism and the power of their beliefs on their performance. Through the use of the FOCUS model, participants begin their own transformation process and gain the tools to support them on their continuing journey.

Leadership is about creating an alignment of strengths making people’s weaknesses irrelevant.
-Peter Drucker

Transformational Leadership – Leading Others

Phase two of the Transformational Leadership Series is a program that supports the development of leaders in leading others. Participants learn the value of positive emotions in teams, and explore methods of fostering positive emotions. In addition, participants learn to connect with followers through common values to instill a sense of purpose for change and then promote employee involvement. Leaders learn the value of emphasizing the strengths of others and explore a tool for their use. As transformational leaders, participants learn to foster an environment of trust, creativity and innovation; key forces in today’s competitive business environment.

Every communication between humans and other living things is an opportunity to inspire. Leadership is no exception.
-Lance Secretan

A Workshop: Building Resiliency for Work and Life

Resilience, the capacity to respond in healthy and productive ways when faced with adversity or trauma is essential in managing daily stress. Ample research has revealed that resilience is integral to success at work and satisfaction with life in general. It can be taught and even mastered through the practice of skills. Through this workshop participants learn skills that help them to gain presence in the moment as well as greater control of their actions and reactions to events and to choose healthier options.