How likely are you to recommend your company as a great place to work?

If you are looking for ideas to stimulate full engagement for your employees, we have some practical solutions for you in the three areas that most greatly contribute to employee satisfaction, engagement and fulfillment.

Pride and Belonging

What engaged employees say:

“I am proud to be a part of this organization.”
“I like and respect my teammates and leaders.”
“I know our organization makes a positive impact in the world.”
“I feel valued here.“

To increase this aspect of engagement, check out our services for:

Alignment and Contribution

What engaged employees say:

“I know what is expected of me.”
“I know how my contribution impacts our company goals.”
“I get to exercise my strengths in my job.”

To increase this aspect of engagement, we would point you to the following resources:

  • Without a clear organizational purpose and strategy to get there, it is impossible to achieve this alignment aspect of employee engagement.
  • Unless your leaders are taught the skill of coaching, it is unlikely they will be able to help people fully express their strengths in their work.
  • In a similar fashion, leaders need advanced coaching training in the art of performance feedback and holding meaningful career conversations to accomplish the alignment of personal goals with the goals of their role and its relationship to the strategic goals of the organization.

Growth and Development

What engaged employees say:

“My supervisor cares about my growth and development.”
“I am gaining valuable career skills.”
“I have frequent meaningful conversations with my boss.”

To increase this aspect of engagement, we would again point you to:

Finally, we would like to give a plug to one of our favorite business tribes, our friends at conscious capitalism.

Organizations that embrace the four pillars of conscious capitalism tend to have much better employee engagement AND business results than those that leave culture, purpose and leadership development to chance.

You will find links to our local Columbus chapter and international resources on our page devoted to this important business movement and philosophy.

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