For all that I have given

  and for all that I have received.

For the beauty in my life

  and for the sorrows I have known.

For the challenges I’ve faced

  and for just how far I’ve come.

For my courage and my gifts

  and for the wisdom I’ve acquired.

For the journey and experience

  and for the kindness on the way.

For my dreams and desires

  and for the trust that I have learned.

For the joy and inspiration

  and for my purpose, newly found.

For the miracles unfolding

  and for what tomorrow holds.

For all the love I’ve known

  and for that I’ve yet to give.

For my friends, my home, and family

  and for the time to find myself.

For abundance and simplicity

  and for the grace and opportunity.

For the chance to make a difference

  and for the faith to know I will.

D.D. Watkins