Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, & Ambiguity (VUCA) Create New Demands on Leaders

Few would dispute that we live in an increasingly VUCA world. To navigate this new level of complexity, certain leadership skills become even more important.

Our partners at Lectica recognized this leadership/VUCA skills gap and came up with a scientific assessment that addresses this need better than any other leadership assessment we have found.  

Pinpoint Your Current Leadership Communication and Decision-Making Complexity

The Lectica Leadership Decision-Making Assessment (LDMA) can pinpoint the level of complexity think and related VUCA skills of any leader.

The potential applications are significant:

  • Determine a leader’s capabilities and growth edges for navigating VUCA
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses within an entire leadership team
  • Screen and determine best fit for promotion and hiring

A Year’s Worth of Leadership Development Ideas

But the LDMA does much more than simply pinpoint your current VUCA skills performance.  It also provides 12-18 months of growth-edge suggestions for developing your VUCA skills. This is invaluable information for any leader looking to increase their effectiveness and impact. Moreover, when the LDMA is embedded into a leadership development or coaching program, the outcomes are significantly improved.

Supercharge Your Leader Development Efforts

When the LDMA is embedded in leadership programs as a learning tool, it doubles (on average) the amount of skill development that takes place. Importantly, this development leads to improved decision-making on the ground and predicts similar improvements in the performance of peers and subordinates

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