Leadership development for busy leaders.

It is hard for leaders to find the time to invest time in their growth and development. Yet the global marketplace demands that leaders continually grow and change.

What to do?

Make it relevant to crucial leadership priorities:

  • Leading people through empowerment & engagement (rather than command & control)
  • Collaborating across functional and regional boundaries
  • Navigating and leading continual change
  • Driving innovation and creative new solutions
  • Doing more with less

Make it habit forming:

  • Format learning the way the brain like to learn
  • Create easy to consume bite-sized micro-learning content
  • Make it experiential
  • Make it social
  • Make it blended

The first step of an effective leadership development experience is to make sure learners take action.

Rather than just delivering knowledge through workshops, webinars, videos, or written content, learners must be encouraged to take action and experiment with what they have learned.

This type of experiential learning is so effective because it helps establish lasting behavior change.

Action-based learning is the best learning strategy for most types of leaders. Also called experiential learning, this type of training can be supplemented by visuals, but ultimately focuses on employees learning from direct experience.

To make the process even more effective, it’s recommended to use micro-learning and break down content and information into bite-sized, easily consumable pieces. 

The content should be available 24/7 in some type of Action-Based Learning Platform for anytime access. But online learning also needs to be bolstered by other blended learning elements such as expert feedback, coaching, and peer mentoring. Blended learning support options should fit the demands of your specific situation.

These are the principles behind all of our leadership development programs.

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