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Our clients seek executive leadership coaching for many reasons.

  • It’s lonely at the top. The benefit of an impartial and dedicated thinking partner to help top leaders grow is beyond measure. Coaching is a proven strategy to support continuous executive education and leadership development.
  • A shot in the arm. Anyone can get off-track once in a while and a focused coaching engagement can be just what the doctor ordered to realign and refocus a good executive who is facing a particular challenge. Some common reasons include:
    • Navigating a succession, or other similar major change
    • Helping overcome a hurdle to get to the next level
    • Fixing a nagging “people problem”
  • Bring the team together. This is one of our specialties. See Senior/Teamwork for the details.
  • Fast-track leadership development. Our coaching is often about helping good leaders become great leaders.

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All of our coaching engagements are:

  • Focused. We work together for a limited engagement, usually 10- 12 sessions over 5-6 months.
  • Results-Oriented. You identify two or three major goals; we coach you to achieve them.

  • Flexible. We bring all of our best tools and advice to the table, as well as being your coach and thinking partner.

  • Grounded. Most of our engagements begin with scientific assessments of your individual strengths motivations and values.