Because it’s lonely at the top.

Even top executives need a friend….

…a confidant they can trust with private matters, personal challenges, trials and tribulations. COACHING is a proven strategy that supports the continuous education and leadership development that every top executive needs. The benefit of having an impartial and dedicated thinking partner to help top leaders grow is beyond measure.

Our clients seek executive leadership coaching for many reasons:

A Shot in the Arm 

Anyone can get off-track once in a while, and a focused coaching engagement can be just what the doctor ordered to realign and refocus a good executive who is facing a particular challenge, such as:

  • Navigating a succession, or other similar major change
  • Helping overcome a hurdle to get to the next level
  • Fixing a nagging “people problem”

Bring the Team Together 

This is one of our specialties. Our coaching is often about helping good leaders become great leaders.

  • Navigating a succession, or other similar major change
  • Fast-track leadership development
  • Another item goes here


All of our coaching engagements are:


We work together for a limited engagement, usually 10-12 sessions over 5-6 months.


You identify two or three major goals; we coach you to achieve them.


We bring all of our best tools and advice to the table, as well as being your coach and thinking partner.


Most of our engagements begin with scientific assessments of your individual strengths motivations and values.