True long-lasting workplace culture transformation starts with listening.

You wouldn’t fly blind without data analysis and planning for any other part of your business.

Why would you leave your culture unexamined?

This is your competitive advantage: a consistent and precise measurement of the thousands of data points that tell the story of your culture.

  • Easily scalable across companies of any size.
  • Scientifically-based and used by thousands of organizations around the world.
  • In-depth diagnostics on how to get to the next level with your unique team dynamics.

Find the right assessment for your company


Understand your team

Get a deeper understanding of your team and your own leadership style with one of our assessments.

As a Global Faculty Partner for Barrett Values Centre, we can deploy, analyze, and present potential solutions for your company.

>For Organizations

Culture Values Assessment

Used by over 6,000 organizations worldwide, you’ll get a clear roadmap on what the people of your company need and want to get to their own next level of performance and personal fulfillment. 

How it works

  • One short survey, incredibly detailed results 
  • Customizable to fit your unique needs
  • Cost-effective and affordable for any size company
  • Multiple languages for global applications
  • Fast turnaround to get results and start making change

Merger/Compatibility Assessment

Savvy businesses understand that mergers and acquisitions are complicated. Plan ahead for team culture issues during your merger to ensure success.

U.N. Sustainable Goals

Savvy businesses see the U.N. Sustainable goals as a purchase order from 2025. Assess your culture’s readiness to execute on this opportunity.


>For Leaders and Leadership Teams

Lectica Leadership Decision-Making Assessment (LDMA)

Determine capabilities, screen for better hires, and encourage growth all while navigating an increasingly complex world. 

How it works

  • Easy-to-complete survey that assesses capabilities for solving complex real-world dilemmas
  • Pinpoint your current performance and next-level growth
  • Get 12-18 months of learning-edge challenges
  • Seamlessly embeds into any leadership development program

360º Leadership Development Report

Gather insight on your leadership effectiveness, self-awareness, strengths, and opportunities for growth.

Leadership Team Values Assessment

Understand what is and isn’t working within your leadership team and walk away with a plan on how to grow and change together.


“The culture assessment training was really well done. The depth of information and the sheer amount of information could have been overwhelming, but Leadership Beyond Limits’ facilitation pace made us feel comfortable. They laid the content out effectively and encouraged shared learning between all the participants. It took the training to another level and helped us expand our integration of the material.”

– Jewel Kinch-Thomas and Greg Thomas, The Jazz Leadership Project.

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Our ready-to-implement programs can help organizations of any size.
From 100 employees to Fortune Global 500 organizations.
Our job is to construct a unique program based on your particular needs.

Individual Leaders

Be the leader everyone wants to work for and meet your major goals.


Build a lasting company with a culture built on trust, innovation, and teamwork.

Small & Mid-Sized

Grow your business with a strong, productive team dedicated to the business and to each other.

Large Corporations

Scale cultural change to stay cutting edge and relevant in a rapidly changing economy.

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