Organizations don’t transform. People do.

The performance of an organization is a direct reflection of the teamwork of the senior team. Cultural transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. Improvement start at the top.

Most senior teams are made up of outstanding individual performers, but the demands of complex business environments often set up competing priorities that can result in nonproductive behaviors such as information hoarding, internal competition, silo mentality, and gossip.

Pulling it All Together

Strong leaders have strong opinions about the best way to allocate resources, and collaboration and cooperation can often suffer as a result. Our Senior/Teamwork program is designed to foster the honest dialog required to get your senior team working together and pulling in the same direction. This 5-month program is both comprehensive and practical, requiring only one hour per week commitment from each team member, to create the highest level of team cohesion and collaboration possible.


  • Grow a bench of strategic leaders to support culture and extraordinary growth
  • Focus individual and team efforts to companywide initiatives
  • Reduce internal competition, improve collaboration
  • Transform negative conflict behaviors into creative solution strategies
  • Navigate complex business changes more effectively

Senior Leader Cohesion

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