Reduction-in-force: Who is really impacted?

A friend had been anticipating a pink slip for weeks. The employees of her company had been told it was coming, but of course no one knew who would be impacted. Over these weeks she experienced all of the common feelings - fear, sadness and anger. She began her contingency planning in-between her sessions of [...]

Recovering from a reduction-in-force: It starts with healing

If you've recently experienced a reduction-in-force your organization you've probably noticed that no one is currently showing up for work. Sure the survivors are in their chairs, but everyone is doing more with less and they have less energy for their work than ever before. Employees are preoccupied with their own security and mourning the [...]

Is a reduction-in-force the answer?

There is no doubt that the current economic environment may require unprecedented solutions for poor business performance. The national unemployment rate climbed to 8.1% in February, indicating that layoffs might be the "go to" solution for many companies experiencing declining business results, but this solution is far from unprecedented. Any seasoned business professional has likely [...]

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