“Corporations have the potential to discover a deeper business purpose – maximizing profits and maximizing shareholder value, while necessary, is not a particularly inspiring goal.” – John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods

The Need For A Comprehensive Model of Employee Engagement
There are myriad examples today of organizations that have transformed their workplace culture. There are even a few examples where the corporate vision embraces the common good, moving beyond simple internal transformation to a point where sustainable success is fueled by an inclusive vision that includes the environment, the communities in which they operate and even their concern for future generations.

Unfortunately, too many of us still work in organizations that have yet to embrace employee engagement as a model for business success. Over the last decade, multiple employee engagement studies have consistently shown that although North America has one of the highest proportions of engaged employees worldwide, fewer than 1 in 3 employees are fully engaged and up to 20% are actually disengaged.

Getting to employee engagement is now a well-documented journey. The trailblazers of employee engagement have already shown us the way. The tools and technologies have been developed to predictably move from the foundation culture found in the vast majority of workplaces to a transformed culture of high employee engagement and beyond- to a sustainable culture of success that includes a compelling vision for the common good and future generations. We have outlined this journey in our whitepaper, described below.

Creating Sustainable Success:
A Model for Building and Maintaining A High Employee Engagement Culture

We have written a white paper that illuminates the path from foundation to transformation to sustainability using a straight-forward 4 x 4 model of Employee Engagement distilled from the best practices of today’s leading organizations.
Here’s what you’ll discover today:

  1. 4 breakthrough technologies that increase employee engagement
  2. How to align your culture with your employees’ passions
  3. Where to focus your efforts to increase employee engagement
  4. Learn how to measure the things that will move your culture forward

Avoid the common pitfalls that make culture transformation efforts fail

And much more…

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