To Coach or Not to Coach?

I have had the pleasure of working with a large global client for the past year in developing their performance coaching culture. A common question that arises is the question of when to coach or when to use a more directive leadership style. This is a guest blog I wrote in response to that question. [...]

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Leadership Imperative: Learn to Coach!

Most business leaders are ignorant when it comes to coaching. If you went around and asked a dozen leaders in your organization about the uses of coaching in the workplace you would get a dozen different answers. Terms that would come up would include: executive coaching, team coaching, high-potential coaching, career coaching, and coaching to [...]

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What Does It Take To Lead Generation Y?

Enter any organization and you will hear a leader from the Baby Boomer Generation expressing frustration over a co-worker from Generation Y. When you think about it, this issue is probably less of a values gap then it is a leadership gap. Generation Y was parented by Baby Boomers. It is apparent that a different [...]

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