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Bridging the Gap: Essentials for Creating a Workplace Culture of High Trust, Teamwork and Innovation – Part 3

Change Your Conversations to Change your Culture Consider this simple model that explains how our daily conversations are the ultimate driver of desired outcomes:     If you want to build a workplace culture of high trust, it begins by changing the quality of your workplace conversations. Let’s look at two examples of how this [...]

Bridging the Gap: Essentials for Creating a Workplace Culture of High Trust, Teamwork and Innovation – Part 2

In Part 1, I reviewed common culture gap challenges and how it affects trust in the workplace.  In part 2, I'll focus on how to build up your team's trust. Behaving Your Way into a New Mindset Jerry Sternin, author of The Power of Positive Deviance: How Unlikely Innovators Solve the World's Toughest Problems wisely [...]

How to Build Senior Leader Cohesion

How can you get your senior team pulling in the same direction, to solve problems together and move the entire organization forward? We often see competing agendas within an organization, and it is important to balance those agendas so that everyone is working together with a shared vision and values. In this interview, I [...]

Creating an Ownership and Accountability Mindset in the Workplace

This 12 minute video shares the best practices for creating a culture of ownership and accountability, where employees are fully engaged in their work and focused on delivering results to your stakeholders.    

Evolutionary Road Map for Leaders

How do you make the shift from "ME" to "WE" and establish a shared vision and values within the framework of your team? This video reveals the developmental journey that every leader in every organization must traverse. Having a map of the territory increases the the likelihood you reach the destination you set out for [...]

7 Best Practices to Transform Organizational Culture

Clients often ask for a best practices roadmap to create a culture of innovation, accountability and ownership. While each organizational culture journey is unique, these best practices will help guide you on that journey. #1. Assess your culture. You must know your starting point if you want to take a journey. We recommend an organization-wide [...]

The Effects of Gender on Leadership Style

In 2010, my colleagues at the Barrett Values Centre drew data from 100 Barrett Values Centre Leadership Values Assessments, a 360-degree leadership development tool, to examine the perceived differences among leaders based on their personal entropy (degree of dysfunction). They recently revisited that data to compare the overall results by gender. They looked at the top values, strengths and areas for [...]

Employee engagement through leadership development

Our global leadership crisis has me thinking about the need to develop the leader inside each and every one of us. Leadership development is often reserved for our "best and brightest", the people that have been identified as "high-potential" performers. This practice and philosophy has surely contributed to the widespread state of inept governance and corporate [...]

The leaders daily practice

It's no secret that the best leaders are a self-disciplined bunch. As Richard Barrett points out in "The New Leadership Paradigm", leading self or self-mastery is the first skill of all leaders. And the very best leaders make self-development and self-mastery a life-long learning project. Patricia Aburdene, author of "MegaTrends 2010" agrees, stating: "The cornerstone [...]

Agile Leaders Do Not Resort to False Strength

The world desperately needs a new type of leadership. The time of heroic trailblazing based on sheer strength of will and personal achievement is long past. Yet much of our American success story remains stuck in the "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" thinking. Guy Finley wrote about this recently as a distinction between [...]

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