Higher Purpose is More than Saving the Planet

When you think about organizations focused on higher purpose, you may think about those that explicitly work for the benefit of future generations, create a more just society on a mass scale, and develop sustainable solutions, such as United Nations, The Elders, or The Mother Theresa Foundation to name a few. The positive impact these [...]

Bridging the Gap: Essentials for Creating a Workplace Culture of High Trust, Teamwork and Innovation – Part 2

In Part 1, I reviewed common culture gap challenges and how it affects trust in the workplace.  In part 2, I'll focus on how to build up your team's trust. Behaving Your Way into a New Mindset Jerry Sternin, author of The Power of Positive Deviance: How Unlikely Innovators Solve the World's Toughest Problems wisely [...]

Cultural Integration

"Research indicates that senior executives rate the lack of 'understanding the importance and difficulty of integrating cultures' as a major cause of integration failure." - A Fool-Proof Way to Avoid a Leading Stumbling Block to Success? It's no secret that plenty of mergers don't work. The University of Minnesota Strategic Management Research Center claims [...]

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How to Build Senior Leader Cohesion

How can you get your senior team pulling in the same direction, to solve problems together and move the entire organization forward? We often see competing agendas within an organization, and it is important to balance those agendas so that everyone is working together with a shared vision and values. In this interview, I [...]

Creating an Ownership and Accountability Mindset in the Workplace

This 12 minute video shares the best practices for creating a culture of ownership and accountability, where employees are fully engaged in their work and focused on delivering results to your stakeholders.    

7 Best Practices to Transform Organizational Culture

Clients often ask for a best practices roadmap to create a culture of innovation, accountability and ownership. While each organizational culture journey is unique, these best practices will help guide you on that journey. #1. Assess your culture. You must know your starting point if you want to take a journey. We recommend an organization-wide [...]

The Values-Driven Organization

thevaluesdrivenorganisationapril2013.pptx Why are values-driven organizations the most successful organizations on the planet? What do they focus on? What makes them successful? Spoiler alert: They care about the needs of their people. This slide show explains the dramatic difference in results produced by values-driven organizations.

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Seven Levels of Corporate Sustainablility

Over the past ten years the term “sustainability” as used in the corporate world has become synonymous with “the triple bottom line”. This whitepaper takes a deeper look at the subject. Seven Levels Sustainability Download Article Format: PDFPages: 9

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Cultural Evolution

We are going to see companies increasingly assume that what they stand for in an enduring sense is more important than what they sell. -Jim Collins "Best Companies to Work For" Know the Real Value of Building Corporate Culture It's no accident that the companies that consistently show up on the "Best Companies to Work [...]

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Cultural Transformation Tools

Enlightened leaders are learning that employee fulfillment, environmental stewardship and social responsibility will be the keys to increased productivity and creativity in the future. –Richard Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools are a suite of tools designed by  Richard Barrett of Richard Barrett & Associates, LLC.  The Tools support the transformation of corporations, non-profits, NGO's, government institutions, [...]

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