Transformational Leadership

Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations

In national values assessments across the globe, people profess to holding values such as "trust" and "accountability" as their core personal values. How then can we live our personal values on a national scale, exhibiting them to the world through our actions?  Our research clearly indicates that fear continues to rule.  According to the 2011 [...]

7 Questions, a Drawing and a Prayer for Leaders

I recently had the honor of facilitating a leading edge cafe discussion table at the Barrett Values Centre International Conference. Our table topic was our personal leading edge for level 7 values. If you are not familiar with the Barrett values model, level 7 represents the highest spiritual values of humanity; such things as wisdom, [...]

What Will be Your Legacy- part 2

After a couple of solid years of regular blogging, my posts have become infrequent due to a personal decision to take care of my sick mother. This was a full-time commitment that took up most of my time for nearly a year. I was able to continue my growth and learning during this time, and [...]

An Integrative Definition of Leadership

Leadership has many definitions. At Leadership Beyond Limits, we subscribe to the efficacy of transformational leadership as presented by Bass and Avolio (1994). This leadership definition implies that leaders lead followers to levels of higher morals. In addition, transformational leadership implies that the followers are better off with the four I's of: 1. Idealized influence [...]

What Does It Take To Lead Generation Y?

Enter any organization and you will hear a leader from the Baby Boomer Generation expressing frustration over a co-worker from Generation Y. When you think about it, this issue is probably less of a values gap then it is a leadership gap. Generation Y was parented by Baby Boomers. It is apparent that a different [...]

What Engaging Leaders Do

Employee engagement is dependent on leadership style. There are leaders who inspire their teams and bring them to life and there are those who perpetuate presenteeism and disengagement. Recent workplace surveys tell us that one of the most important drivers of employee retention and engagement is a competent and visible senior leadership team that is [...]

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