About Tom Rausch

Tom Rausch is a culture change consultant and leadership coach who helps CEO’s improve team cohesion while developing a high-performance culture throughout the entire organization. His expertise lies in creating sustainable and scalable transformation across global enterprises, working with industry leaders in India, Argentina, USA, China and the EU such as Accenture and Saint-Gobain.

A Proven Way to Triple Business Results

Every business wants to maximize results. We want employees to take ownership and accountability for their results, and increase both the quality and quantity of their performance. Many factors influence performance, but there is one management skill that stands out above all others in developing and engaging employees at all levels: performance coaching. In fact, [...]

Holding Superb Team Meetings

It is common knowledge that many meetings are a waste of time. Depending on the study cited, executives complain that between 25-50 percent of the time people spend in meetings is wasted. Thomas Sowell, a Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University is quoted as saying: "People who enjoy meetings should [...]

Cultural Integration

"Research indicates that senior executives rate the lack of 'understanding the importance and difficulty of integrating cultures' as a major cause of integration failure." - www.globalworkshop.com A Fool-Proof Way to Avoid a Leading Stumbling Block to Success? It's no secret that plenty of mergers don't work. The University of Minnesota Strategic Management Research Center claims [...]

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How to Build Senior Leader Cohesion

How can you get your senior team pulling in the same direction, to solve problems together and move the entire organization forward? We often see competing agendas within an organization, and it is important to balance those agendas so that everyone is working together with a shared vision and values. In this interview, I [...]

Cultural Capital: A fundamental driver of financial performance

Cultural Capital: A fundamental driver of financial performance Download Article Format: PDFPages: 6This paper explores the topic of cultural capital and its relationship to financial performance. It reviews research on this topic and comes to the conclusion that even though there is no direct measure of cultural capital, proxy measures such as cultural alignment and [...]

Employee Engagement for Managers- In One Sentence!

The Employee Engagement Network, hosted by David Zinger, has an e-book titled: "Employee Engagement- Powerful Sentences of Advice for Managers". Over 100 experts on employee engagement, including yours truly, contributed the one most importance sentence of advice they have for managers who want to improve the engagement of their employees. While one sentence of advice can hardly [...]

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The One Best Way to Motivate and Manage Millennials

Volumes have been written on the challenges of managing and motivating the new generation of workers. They have a negative reputation for wanting instant advancement, needing constant feedback, having a poor work ethic, and not responding well to traditional management approaches. Many of the senior managers we have executive coached have expressed frustration in their [...]

I live in Gratitude…

For all that I have given   and for all that I have received. For the beauty in my life   and for the sorrows I have known. For the challenges I've faced   and for just how far I've come. For my courage and my gifts   and for the wisdom I've acquired. For the journey and experience [...]

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